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Combined CITB, CSCS Test

(CITB Health & Safety Awareness and CSCS Computer Test)

At UK Industries Training we are proud to offer a combined CITB, CSCS test. The CITB Health and Safety Awareness Course is followed by the CSCS Health Safety & Environment Test. Both courses can be completed on the same day

Combined CITB, CSCS Test

Usually, once the Health & Safety Awareness Course has taken place, it is hard to find somewhere quick and convenient to sit the CSCS Computer Test. This can result in  a long wait before people can start working on site as individuals cannot do so until both have been completed. At our training centre based in Nottingham, we offer these two courses rolled into one.

CSCS is the leading skills certification scheme within the UK construction industry. Without it you cannot undertake any work on construction sites. The CSCS card provides proof that individuals have the required level of training for the type of work they undertake. We offer the option for you to do the computer test straight after the course, meaning you would qualified to work as soon as you pass the test.

Our Health and Safety course aims to raise awareness of actions in the work place. The course looks at on-site conduct and emphasises responsibilities to ensure both individual and team safety. It also covers the typical construction hazards and how these are controlled.

Why do we run a Combined CITB, CSCS Test?

Running these two courses side by side allows for a quick turnaround to get people working. All of our training is done in house, and we are currently offering the combined CITB, CSCS test at an introductory price of £160 for both. Contact us today for more information, and to book your place on the course.

Book today and gain both your qualifications for only £160.