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Driver CPC Training Courses

Why and when do I need it?

As of 10th September 2014, you must hold a Driver CPC qualification if you are a professional bus, lorry or coach driver. There are certain exemptions and the law is characteristically unclear as to who requires Driver CPC training and who does not, but it is fair to say that if you are driving for hire or reward then you will almost certainly be driving illegally if you have not completed the required training.

What does Driver CPC Training involve?

Initial Qualification:

The Driver Certificate of Professional Competence initial qualification has 4 parts:

  • Part 1 – Theory test (this includes 2 separate tests – multiple-choice and hazard perception)
  • Part 2 – Driver case studies test
  • Part 3 – Driving ability test
  • Part 4 – Driver practical demonstration test.

You must pass all 4 parts to get your Driver CPC Certification.

Ongoing Compliance:

You must complete 35 hours of driver CPC Training every five years, and to qualify you must have completed 35 hours before the deadline.

The courses are split up into modules that cover the various aspects of Driver CPC Certification and are roughly as follows:

Driver cpc training from Uk Industries

The mandatory regulatory CPC modules fully covers all legislation, and take up at least 2 and a half days of the 5 day training schedule. You can take these modules in any order, and the CPC Core Module can be used as a refresher course as and when required, as it covers many aspects of the syllabus.

Courses consist of the following modules:

  • CPC Core Module
  • Driving Techniques, Vehicle Performance & Safety
  • The Law and Your Company
  • Drivers Hours and Tachographs
  • Individual Performance & Loads / Passengers.

Our bespoke modules can take a full day and should be tailored to fit the needs of the driver and the company. Where the modules fit, the training syllabus is flexible based on the training needs of the driver.

The bespoke modules can take a full day each, as it is advised that these are tailored to fit the needs of the individual driver and company. Fitting these in to the structure of the course will be flexible, and always aims to meet the objectives and individual training needs of the driver.

They consist of the following modules:

  • Manual Handling (½ day)
  • Your Attitude (½ day)
  • Service, Effective Supervision and Management Excellence (½ day)
  • Signalling & Marshalling Effectively (½ or full day)
  • Height, Access & Safety Harness (½ or full day)
  • Emergency First Aid At Work
  • Plant Operators Refresher (all types of plant)
  • Load / Unload (plant, bespoke & industry specific loads etc).

As there is a mix of mandatory and bespoke modules, it is easy to ensure that both driver and company use the 35 hour training requirement to it’s full potential, and still fulfil the legislation requirements. The course content is refreshed annually to ensure that the informative and educational training provides the driver with continued professional development.

Bespoke industry training of up to two days can be taken outside of the CPC periodic training of 35 hours as part of the syllabus without detriment to the requirements of the legislation. The Emergency First Aid at Work module can also be taken as part of the course.

To find out more about the courses we offer or to book your place, please call or get in touch using the contact form.

For more information please visit the official Government website for driver CPC training requirements and information.

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